New Roadmap Posted

Sunday December 24th, 2000

David Polberger writes:
"Brendan Eich has posted a new roadmap on The new roadmap gives some good information on when Mozilla 1.0 might be released and also stresses the importance of embedding. A must-read for everyone interested in Mozilla."

#39 Re: Where is the end?

by Blake <>

Friday December 29th, 2000 10:37 PM

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Hmmm...finishing the project? No, we currently have no plans for that. Hint: the "1.0" signifies that the project is just beginning.

Assuming you meant "when is 1.0 going to come out?", well, I assume you're capable of reading the roadmap like everybody else. Frankly, I don't understand what you're complaining about. Why are you so anxious to see a release? The difference between us and Microsoft is that we put out a release *every day*. They're called nightlies; try one. Hint #2: Mozilla 1.0 will be nothing more than a nightly with "Mozilla 1.0" on it.