New Roadmap Posted

Sunday December 24th, 2000

David Polberger writes:
"Brendan Eich has posted a new roadmap on The new roadmap gives some good information on when Mozilla 1.0 might be released and also stresses the importance of embedding. A must-read for everyone interested in Mozilla."

#15 OT: my thoughts

by Sparkster

Wednesday December 27th, 2000 2:28 AM

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hello! i just installed beonex to take a look at mozilla again and i thought, it would be time to adress some of the issues i always wanted to post somewhere but never did... i'm not new to mozilla but the last weeks i used only khtml (or opera) and started work on a small and fast khtml browser but i still think mozilla will make it somehow. the technologie is impressive. it's bloated, yeah, but this is not much of a problem if you promise to work on it and release a really slick "navigator only" version someday ;) mozilla is one of the most usable browsers today and there are only small problems that are holding me away from it (besides memory usage). those are: - the gui. both classic and modern are great works, but i don't want to use them day by day. something clean and clear like classic combined with something new and fresh like modern would be great! at least you could use new buttons instead of the VERY old netscape ones.. :-/ also i would like to have it a bit smaller. the size of the netscape buttons is great. now if i could remove the text and make the throbber about half the size, the toolbar could be made a lot smaller. i also don't understand the h-space between the buttons. why is there so much wasted space? is it to make hitting the buttons easier? than there is a larger forward button and a smaller back button... i can understand that this is because of the text, but it should be the other way round, cause the back button should be used a lot more often. i know that this is just a matter of skinning but it's still important. and yes i already tried to do it myself and i failed ;)

- a weird table rendering bug. the gecko rendering is the best i have ever seen. with ONE exception.... in tables with a small border, this border is almost everytime "buggy". sometimes it's not showing up at all or in doubled size. unfortunatly i mostly use the browser to access webforums and all those forums are rendered ugly by gecko. some examples are: <> <> <> (they are all german). i thought the bug would be killed soon but then i tested release after release and it was still the same.. the weird thing is, that it worked great in an early milestone (i can't remember the exact number) but then got screwed around M16. maybe it's fixed now, i don't use the latest mozilla nightlys so i'm not sure (the latest was from 6. december i think).

yes this are not really big problems but i think they are important. if i would find a really great theme and this rendering bug would be fixed and i could download and load navigator only, i would be perfect happy with mozilla.

finally a short note about rendering speed: i noticed that mozilla renders new incoming characters immidiatly unlike IE, netscape 4 or opera (which wait for a whole line to be transfered before they render it). this may be usefull, but the downside is that lines are not rendered immidiatly. i made a little testsuite to be sure. netscape4, opera and IE are rendering new incoming lines immidiatly while mozilla waits a while (a few seconds) until the new line is displayed. that's why netscape4, opera, etc seem to be a lot more "snappy" than mozilla. it would be great if you could somehow catch up and render new lines faster. btw, khtml even waits for a bunch of new lines before rendering them, so gecko seems to be faster than khtml but slower than opera, ie and netscape4 (if tables are not used).

i hope some of the thoughts are usefull to you and i REALLY hope that some of them are already solved or in progress :) would like to hear some comments. but don't flame me cause i don't do all the things myself. i don't expect anything from the mozilla developers, i just want to give my impressions as an unbiased user and try to point out some (IMHO major) usabilty issues.

keep up the good work. free software simply rocks.