New Roadmap Posted

Sunday December 24th, 2000

David Polberger writes:
"Brendan Eich has posted a new roadmap on The new roadmap gives some good information on when Mozilla 1.0 might be released and also stresses the importance of embedding. A must-read for everyone interested in Mozilla."

#14 Where is the end?

by Nacheeze

Wednesday December 27th, 2000 2:02 AM

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I am sorry... but i have to ask. Do you guys ever plan on finishing this project?????? What the &*ck. I am sure bible was written in less time. And it was a lot more stable that this piece of junk. I love netscape... and use their browser while it is about a million times slower then IE5.5. But... till when??? You all hate microsoft for putting out buggy products... but atleast they put out a product. I have said my prayers on mozilla. It will never complete. We may see a pre-release version sometime in the next century. Its all netscapes fault... thats what you get from free. Should paid and hired some decent people to program.