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Wednesday October 28th, 1998

Well folks, mozillaZine has another first for you - content you won't find anywhere else on the Net! Today we're offering an extended look inside the Next Generation Layout engine being developed by the Mozilla Project. We have an amazing interview with Rick Gessner, the Chief Architect of NGLayout, about the history of NGLayout and why it truly qualifies as a new paradigm in layout technology. It should also put to rest any doubts as to which company is the true innovator in the browser market.

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#8 some IMHO's

by Alex Chudnovsky <>

Friday October 30th, 1998 9:01 AM

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hi all!

First of all I want to tell that I do prefer Netscape browsers to IE. even to IE4 which I do not like although it's close technically to NN4.

However, being objective IMHO i think that: 1) Netscape has fallen behind MS both in technology and ability to market product due to many reasons. I am fully aware of practices MS used to promote it's browser which you may call unfair, monopolistic and etc and they really that bad, however, I guess it's clear that they still have some sort of not-too-bad for end-user technology right? You may not like it (as I do not like IE3-4) but many users like! Do they care about 'cross-platform'? I think very little understand real deep consequences of what MS doing. Asking further these users: would you like to have SLOWER running browser which is cross-platfrom but personally you (running Win32) won't ever benefit from it at least not obviously benefit? I say SLOW, because as I am sure most who here know that any attempt to make universal has drawback of being slower, you speak about Scripting in Browser as cool, well, it's cool. but slow is not cool. I used to write pretty big (about 200k) JavaScripts (not Java) in NN3, which was IRC like client. It was slow. for those trivial tasks I was doing (some parsing). I was running it on more or less moderate P5-133/32Mb, which should be adequte enough for such short program. And some people in corporationg hope to prolong life of comps which are 386 with browsers! I guess they will have to use NN2 for that. 2) Maybe that will sound odd to some people but I consider MS _has_ very good programmers who can code _Very_ well when it's required. I also think they had big plans behind even IE5 in sense of layout technology. and since they are not limited by 'cross-platform' coding they can code it faster in sense of coding and it also will run faster. Not because they know some magic insides of Win32 which Netscape codes doesn't, but because they can optimize for one platform. I like cross-platform idea, however, it seems to be hard to compete with someone who is pretty skillful in doing thing for one wide platform. Whatever court decides (I guess it will not be split of MS like was done with AT&T), but still there will be real competition. If Navigator were _far_ better then MS it would envietably stop users from using MS stuff, however situation shows that either it's not that better _OR_ users do not need or do not consider need of getting better then MS. I do not include in these users myself and many of those who here who prefer Netscape for posibly diff reasons.

that's totally IMHO


I am sorry if possibly offended someone that's not my intention, just trying to show some point which is neither pro-Netscape nor pro-Nicrosoft, i am just trying to be objective!!!


p.s. Sorry for weird text it's not really well structured and language should have been better, hopefully you will understand my idea behind words.

p.p.s. TextBox to type in message is _very_ unuseful when it comes to type long message, perhaps that to discouradge people typing lots of flame? then it's doesnt work :)