Full Article Attached Interview With the Chief Architect of NGLayout, Rick Gessner

Wednesday October 28th, 1998

Well folks, mozillaZine has another first for you - content you won't find anywhere else on the Net! Today we're offering an extended look inside the Next Generation Layout engine being developed by the Mozilla Project. We have an amazing interview with Rick Gessner, the Chief Architect of NGLayout, about the history of NGLayout and why it truly qualifies as a new paradigm in layout technology. It should also put to rest any doubts as to which company is the true innovator in the browser market.

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#15 Re:Interview With the Chief Architect of NGLayout,

by george <>

Sunday November 1st, 1998 11:47 PM

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here is my opinion if it means any thing..

Netscape says they have had 12 million copies of Netscape Communicator downloaded, and Bill Gates says, "See, people can use Netscape on Win98"

Those 12 million downloads are probably Netscape users already and know how to surf the net already.

Back to my commennt...I heard that IE doesn't let you download any thing over like 4 megs, and N4.5 is 14 megs?? That's a problem?

Also, newbees have problems downloading software and Netscape shouldn't have to force their customers to download 14 megs on a 28.8 every 4 or 6 months...