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Wednesday October 28th, 1998

Well folks, mozillaZine has another first for you - content you won't find anywhere else on the Net! Today we're offering an extended look inside the Next Generation Layout engine being developed by the Mozilla Project. We have an amazing interview with Rick Gessner, the Chief Architect of NGLayout, about the history of NGLayout and why it truly qualifies as a new paradigm in layout technology. It should also put to rest any doubts as to which company is the true innovator in the browser market.

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#13 Re:Interview With the Chief Architect of NGLayout,

by Alex Chudnovsky <>

Friday October 30th, 1998 2:44 PM

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in response to Aleks:

Mostly I agree with you, except those talks about that: "MS Software is faster because they know some hidden API"

I think that's just kid stuff to talk about it. MS could exploit their knowledge of API at early start of Windows, but not now. There are lots of documentation about it, you say undocumented? I didnt hear any reports about someone who suspecting such a thing would disassemble and reverse engeneer (don't tell me it's not allowed by license, they all do that), and _proove_ that MS was using secret API. where are these reports? I think there are more then enough good Asm guys around for that.

Besides, relating to Layout engine, what sort of API they know may help? The only which come to my mind is GUI, which is real issue of how well you paint it on screen (your views), but all the other stuff is done in your program, in layout, not in API (not counting Winsock).

Therefore, I can conclude that all these talks about internal API advantage has little relevance to browser wars. although I think they play _big_ role for MS when they do something related to Kernel, of course they know better and can code faster (time spend on project).

well, I guess soon we may see 80+% of MS's shate in browser market. :( I guess it's close. And don't forget, after certain point of time growth comes exponentianlly. I think above 60% they will get BIG boost. I guess they prepare IE5 for that. And I also make a cautious guess IE5 will be out before NN5. And what I think undoubtly is that layout in IE5 will be on par with NN5. Do you have any doubts MS guys not picking up every new tar-ball and watching what's new????

I think they would certainly do every new feature and idea represented in code, particularly in layout. If they would not then they are total idiots. But I am afraid they are not.

I don't know what type of guys they hire in US, but in my country (Russia) I know they took very talented guys to work for them. Very very.


I am just thinking what I can tell positive... hmmm... labs are closing down and I have to go, no more flame :))))))


p.s. Sorry for off-topic, was not really related to NGLayout