Full Article Attached Interview With the Chief Architect of NGLayout, Rick Gessner

Wednesday October 28th, 1998

Well folks, mozillaZine has another first for you - content you won't find anywhere else on the Net! Today we're offering an extended look inside the Next Generation Layout engine being developed by the Mozilla Project. We have an amazing interview with Rick Gessner, the Chief Architect of NGLayout, about the history of NGLayout and why it truly qualifies as a new paradigm in layout technology. It should also put to rest any doubts as to which company is the true innovator in the browser market.

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#12 Re:Interview With the Chief Architect of NGLayout,

by Alex Chudnovsky <>

Friday October 30th, 1998 12:54 PM

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2 Arielb:

No, I disagree. They GET it with windows with AOL and maybe from their ISP, but! Are they deaf? don't they know Netscape word? do they read Papers? I am 100% positive they are at least aware of what Netscape is and it has browser. AOL is another case as far as I know they use sort of proprietary access to Inet, so not every browser will work, I do not have access to it, so I might be wrong.

Anyway, what I am trying to say is:

MS cleared gained first access to people in sense of first browser tried by them, BUT:

_IF_ people really though that they need some better browser or whatever else, they could just download it from Netscape!!! This means Netscape has no _major_ features which diff it from MS. Otherwise all other people would use it. AM I wrong?

they _had_ ability and free will to get other browser, why they didn't? Maybe because it's not _that_ better? Don't tell me people too stupid and like first thing they try. Only in case if that _first_ thing suits them more or less enough.

I will respond more when I get some food in campus :) a hell lot more so you will burn trying to get what I mean with my awful English :))))