BugDay today!

Tuesday December 12th, 2000

Asa Dotzler writes in: "It's BugDay again. Join us today and every Tuesday on IRC for an evening of collaborative bug hunting, triage and discussion. The server is, the channel is #mozillazine and the time is Tuesday afternoon and evening USA time (roughly 10:00PM GMT to 5:00am GMT I think). If you're new to Mozilla or Bugzilla and need some help there will be friendly folks to give you some tips and pointers. If you've been doing this for a while then we could use your help in some bug triage and in helping out the new folks. Hope to see you all at BugDay."

#15 No news on news bug?

by hkrause <>

Wednesday December 20th, 2000 9:17 AM

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I've tried to no avail to bring some attention to the "news" bug in which news settings requiring the reader to display only new messages does not stick when you shut down the Mozilla and then open it up later. It always reverts back to show all messages, instead of just new messages