BugDay today!

Tuesday December 12th, 2000

Asa Dotzler writes in: "It's BugDay again. Join us today and every Tuesday on IRC for an evening of collaborative bug hunting, triage and discussion. The server is, the channel is #mozillazine and the time is Tuesday afternoon and evening USA time (roughly 10:00PM GMT to 5:00am GMT I think). If you're new to Mozilla or Bugzilla and need some help there will be friendly folks to give you some tips and pointers. If you've been doing this for a while then we could use your help in some bug triage and in helping out the new folks. Hope to see you all at BugDay."

#12 offtopic, but a bug!

by westonmr <>

Saturday December 16th, 2000 9:52 PM

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I know this probably shouldn't go here but...

I just got a new WinME system (I know it stinks, but thats what came with my system). I have a horrible problem with the HTML rendering, navigator portion of Mozilla (and Netscape6 as well). I keep getting a error in "APPCOMPS.DLL" when I try to load a website. What is this! Is it the retarded Windows "ME", or is it a bug in Gecko HTML rendering engine?