A Trip Down Memory Lane!

Wednesday October 28th, 1998

Jeremie Miller writes in with some cool news that I'm sure you'll all like.

"I happened across an old disk from 94 that had my very first Netscape browser on it, so I've posted the file along with some cool strings extracted from the binary and screenshots(yes it does display most sites in a usable way!). Starting it up again is a very nostalgic experience if you were on the Net back in 'those days'!"

#3 Re:A Trip Down Memory Lane!

by simeon <>

Wednesday October 28th, 1998 10:49 AM

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Hmmmm. I tried it again w/ IE4 and it worked. It gives a different file size: 831K for IE4, 837K for NS4.5 and moz5.0a. Go figure. I'll file a mozilla bug later. ;)