Mozilla 0.6 released

Wednesday December 6th, 2000 today released a milestone based on the Netscape 6 branch. Builds are available on the ftp site, and more info on the build and it's purpose is available in the release notes.

#59 Re: Re: any 'Go' button on Mozilla

by sdm

Monday December 11th, 2000 4:59 PM

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Right, this isn't 1995 anymore. It means that software is a lot easier to develop, and that you shouldn't just sit around wait for someone else to add your favorite feature. To add this capability to mozilla, all you need to do is write a little xml and javascript. Being someone who reads mozillazine and is a web developer, this should be pretty simple. In fact, I bet you already have the skills necessary to do it. Why don't you consider helping out? Believe me, saying that you added *that* feature to a large shipping product is a great source of pride (and resume fodder).