Mozilla 0.6 released

Wednesday December 6th, 2000 today released a milestone based on the Netscape 6 branch. Builds are available on the ftp site, and more info on the build and it's purpose is available in the release notes.

#42 Re: Re: Re: Re: Opera is Released - And its free...

by ChuckChunder <>

Friday December 8th, 2000 7:28 PM

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* Not being available on every platform under the sun does not make a browser any worse on the platforms it is available on.

* A Solaris port is planned: <>

* Opera's MDI format works well for me. I typically have a minimum of 6 browser windows open continuously (documentation mostly). If Opera didn't keep these out of my taskbar and alt-tab list I'd be driven insane. I agree that sometimes it would be useful to break a window out of the MDI but hardly critical, at least on Windows. On other platforms with better window management the MDI has less value.

* Opera's DOM does suck somewhat. The rest of the standards support is pretty good.

* When authoring pages I enjoy Opera's strictness as it quickly alerts me to any screwups I make :)

Opera is a good browser, it's quirky for sure, but I use it almost exclusively on Windows as it suits the way I work. When at play though, I use Linux and Mozilla :)