Mozilla 0.6 released

Wednesday December 6th, 2000 today released a milestone based on the Netscape 6 branch. Builds are available on the ftp site, and more info on the build and it's purpose is available in the release notes.

#29 Damn Opera advocates!

by bradfitz <>

Thursday December 7th, 2000 5:44 PM

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This is a Mozilla news site. We don't care to hear Opera or Konqueror advocacy.

The relationship between percentage of functionality implemented and code size is not proportional. It takes a lot of work and infrastructure to finish the last 20% of the browser. Nobody here cares that Opera or Konqueror is smaller or lighter or available now.... we do care about Mozilla, though, because Mozilla will support everything, which is signifigantly more difficult that those other "80% complete" browsers.

There are a large number of developers that are interested in hacking on Mozilla (including myself and a handful of my friends), but are unwilling to do so until the code stabilizes... it's too painful for people to learn the code when things are changing so often ... it's just not worth the time.

Once it's feature complete, then everybody can start working on footprint and performance. I know I will be.