Mozilla 0.6 released

Wednesday December 6th, 2000 today released a milestone based on the Netscape 6 branch. Builds are available on the ftp site, and more info on the build and it's purpose is available in the release notes.

#12 What about Certs!

by alik

Thursday December 7th, 2000 11:45 AM

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Hi There..

Congrats Mozilla.. i just cannot wait for the final release cause my NS 4.x is becoming unbearable!

I am not gonna complain about the poor and unusable quality of NS6... i am sure we all know about it.. I mean it is absolutly mad to release a software like that and then go on promoting it on the website when you know that people who use it will dump netscape for life!

The only thing keeping me from switching over is the lack of Digital Certs Support in Mozilla. I install every release in the hope that it will be stable and support certs so i can switch over.. but no luck!

Can you please tell me how long it would be before we have digital cert support in mozilla?

And.. is there a chance of seeing a user friendly Plug-in manager in mozilla which tells the user that a page requies a plugin and it will automatically be installed if click OK.. that would be a great help to the novice users of the net!

Thanx Ali K