Announcing Beonex

Wednesday November 29th, 2000

Ben Bucksch writes in with news of a new Mozilla distribution, Beonex. Ben hopes to implement LDAP synchronization and offer commercial support for this Open Source end-user-focused distribution of Mozilla. Check out the posting to the n.p.m.announce newsgroup for more information, or visit the Beonex website.

#4 Good luck

by dave532

Thursday November 30th, 2000 5:51 PM

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I wish Ben luck on this venture. However I think it's going to be very difficult to succeed in making this a successful business venture because it'll take a lot of work persuading companies to offer the cash to add new features.

Well I hope I'm wrong in that predection and that enough companies will pay money to add new features to the browser. I'd really like to see this work out. If we had companies paying money to add new features to Beonex (and all changes get submitted back to Mozilla) we'd really begin to see a Mozilla that's not just led by AOL marketing in its design. Now to the hard part, persuading companies to pay.