Announcing Beonex

Wednesday November 29th, 2000

Ben Bucksch writes in with news of a new Mozilla distribution, Beonex. Ben hopes to implement LDAP synchronization and offer commercial support for this Open Source end-user-focused distribution of Mozilla. Check out the posting to the n.p.m.announce newsgroup for more information, or visit the Beonex website.

#26 Re: Making money of this?

by benb <>

Saturday December 9th, 2000 5:01 AM

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> How do you justify [...] charging for tech support?

Because tech support is work? Just as development is, which Beonex also offers for money.

> This seems like a slap in the face to contributors.

I guess, you don't like Netscape either? Oh, they contributed to Mozilla? Just like I did.

My goals with Beonx are - Give private users free, user-oriented software - Establish free software in enterprises - Contribute code (bugfixes, features) to Mozilla, paid by users - Make a living Since I worked for Mozilla 1.5 years full-time for free, how can you object that?