Announcing Beonex

Wednesday November 29th, 2000

Ben Bucksch writes in with news of a new Mozilla distribution, Beonex. Ben hopes to implement LDAP synchronization and offer commercial support for this Open Source end-user-focused distribution of Mozilla. Check out the posting to the n.p.m.announce newsgroup for more information, or visit the Beonex website.

#21 Re: Making money of this?

by spaetz <>

Thursday December 7th, 2000 7:50 AM

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Well for the same reason Suse, RedHat and all the other LinuxDistros take money for their tech support. They often don't take part in the kernel development and still profit from the community effort. Nobody complains about this. So I don't see anything bad about it. If it helps bringing Gecko into companies (which are often dependend on a professional tech support), I don't care who earns money with it, especially if it is a person that is still actively participating in the development process!