Announcing Beonex

Wednesday November 29th, 2000

Ben Bucksch writes in with news of a new Mozilla distribution, Beonex. Ben hopes to implement LDAP synchronization and offer commercial support for this Open Source end-user-focused distribution of Mozilla. Check out the posting to the n.p.m.announce newsgroup for more information, or visit the Beonex website.

#20 Re: No, you're ignoring me.

by thegrommit

Wednesday December 6th, 2000 3:31 PM

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I guess it comes down to individual philosophy - whether the exploitation of open source code is morally acceptable. I happen to think it is in this case. He's planning on providing a service that others will pay for - that isn't provided by the existing moz community. If it pays his rent, good for him.

As for LDAP support, it's a feature large corporations actually use - and it isn't in the currently released "commercial" distribution (i.e. Netscape). I'd be very happy to see him provide that functionality if it means IE is kept out of a single organisation.

If he chooses to submit his code, and it turns out to work well - even better.