DOM Level 2 Conformance Tests Have Moved

Wednesday November 29th, 2000

Bob Clary writes, "The W3C DOM Core Level 2 Conformance Test is available again here. Thanks to Ian (Hixie) Hickson for hosting the site as well as the other generous people who offered to host the site as well."

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by rdc

Thursday December 21st, 2000 6:55 AM

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Several changes have been made to the site at bctestframe.damowmow <>

First, the browser restrictions have been lifted from the DOM Test Frame. This has revealed that the Test Frame does not work properly except for IE 5.5 or Netscape6/Mozilla. This is not due to the DOM tests, but due to the nature of the Test Framework used to conduct the DOM Tests.

The Test Framework was designed to be able to perform different test suites by dynamically loading the tests cases for a Test Suite. This gives great flexibility in developing different Test Suites, but limits the kind of browsers that can be tested.

It is possible to customize the Test Framework for the DOM tests so that a browser does not need to load test cases dynamically. This would *possibly* allow other browsers such as IE 5.0 and Opera to perform the DOM Tests. I will try to add that in the near future.

Other changes include the addition of the other content from my personal web site so that you can read the associated documentation; fixing several bugs in the site navigation; the beginning of the rewrite of the manpages in DocBook format; continuing reorganization of the site for CVS access; a version indicator in the banner to show what revision of the site is being hosted; etc.

I will be adding access to several tools, experiments, and demonstrations that are not currently available through the site navigation. Please check back occasionally to see if anything interesting has been added.

As always, I am interested in any feedback, comments, criticisms or suggestions you may have.

Thanks, Bob