DOM Level 2 Conformance Tests Have Moved

Wednesday November 29th, 2000

Bob Clary writes, "The W3C DOM Core Level 2 Conformance Test is available again here. Thanks to Ian (Hixie) Hickson for hosting the site as well as the other generous people who offered to host the site as well."

#11 Re: Browser Info for Mac IE 5

by rdc

Monday December 4th, 2000 10:05 AM

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Sorry for the delay in responding... I am in the process of reorganizing the pages and scripts for more permanent hosting and shared access via CVS.

I will be updating my old site on Mindspring soon to reflect the new organization and would like to use that site to test how the test suite runs under Mac IE 5.0. I can more quickly and easily update that site which would allow me to respond quickly to any problems you might encounter. Once we are certain that the test will run properly on Mac IE 5.0, I can update and allow everyone to try it out. If you would send me am email, I will respond when the reorganization is ready and we can arrange for you to test Mac IE 5.0.

Does that sound ok?

If anyone else would like additional browsers supported by the Conformance Test, please email me with information regarding the browser such as navigator.appName, navigator.appVersion, navigator.userAgent and I will arrange a test to see if the Conformance test performs properly on your browser.

Thanks, Bob