Fabula Update

Monday November 20th, 2000

Dave Boswell writes, "After mozdev was down over the weekend while we moved the server, the site is back up with some big updates to the Fabula pages. Installs of both the Reader and Maker are available on the site plus more. Brian King has done all of this after the software was officially released in Europe.

"Unfortunately Brian is no longer going to be working on the project and he is looking for someone to take over the development of Fabula in his place. If anyone is interested in working on the development of Fabula, or taking over the Fabula pages on, there is a contact page with information on who to contact."

#1 editorial criteria

by Dotan

Thursday November 23rd, 2000 3:13 AM

Why does Fabula rate a news item while Komodo doesn't? Fabula sounds very noble-minded, and I'll be delighted once Mozilla supports the national languages of my country and its neighbours, which are in much more daily use than (for example) Welsh. But I think Komodo, as a cros-platform IDE for several very popular programming languages (as opposed to national languages), is even more note-worthy. So why didn't it's preview version receive a mention on MozillaZine?

#5 Um, you've been here how long?

by asa

Friday November 24th, 2000 9:03 PM

your profile user # indicates that you've been around mozillazine for a while. if you've been paying attention you'd see that many news items are sent in by iterested parties. David Boswell of Alphanumerica (which hosts MozDev) sent in this news item. if you think that some other project deseves mention then send it in. complaining doesn't accomplish your objective nearly as effectively as writing in with a news items of your own would.


#2 It is true

by jmarranz

Thursday November 23rd, 2000 8:09 AM

It is true, today there is no way to debug JavaScript at Mozilla.

Komodo is a key application to develop with Mozilla/NS6

#3 Why not? [and more on Komodo]

by briank

Friday November 24th, 2000 3:08 AM

Dotan, in reponse to your posting - why shouldn't Fabula rate as a news item? Why discriminate. Komodo will get more attention when there is a version ready for beta - in the meantime, I'd suggest goin on over to

#4 Re: Why not? [and more on Komodo]

by Dotan

Friday November 24th, 2000 8:51 AM

I wasn't complaining about the Fabula news item being posted. I think it's a commendable project.

I was complaining about the Komodo preview version (which you provided a link to) _not_ getting a news item. I downloaded it last week (or the week before?) and thought it looked quite impressive and interesting. Yes, it's new and buggy, and since I don't know and use Python I haven't really tried most of the cool features (command completion, text folding), but the ambition of the project excites me.

#6 Mozilla

by Tanyel

Saturday November 25th, 2000 12:29 AM

When is the internet thing going to stop saying an unknown error has occured?

#7 mozillazine pronunciation

by aegis

Sunday November 26th, 2000 12:41 PM

Is it "mozilla zine" (short i) or "mozilla zeen"?

#8 Re: mozillazine pronunciation

by Tanyel

Sunday November 26th, 2000 3:05 PM

I think it is probably "zeen."

#9 Re: mozillazine pronunciation

by mozineAdmin

Sunday November 26th, 2000 5:24 PM

mozilla-zine, the end pronounced like the end of "magazine".