DOM Level 2 Conformance Test

Monday November 20th, 2000

Bob Clary writes, "I have written a DOM Core Level 2 Conformance test which can be run with both Mozilla/Netscape 6 and Internet Explorer 5.5. It uses only the DOM methods and does not depend upon the HTMLDocument or the XML Parser. The test coverage is not yet complete but is nevertheless extensive. I think you will find the results interesting.

"The test generates two sets of reports: one by test case and one by API name. It is completely interactive and contains links to the relevant parts of the DOM Core 2 Recommendation as well as links to bug reports in Bugzilla. Of course there are no links to reports of Internet Explorer bugs available.

"If you run all of the tests it will use 50-60M and may take several minutes depending on your processor so be patient. If you do not have enough memory to run all of the tests at once, you can choose a subset of the test cases to run.

"If you have any problems, questions or suggestions please feel free to contact me."

UPDATE: The host for the conformance test is taking down the site due to heavy bandwidth usage. We'll let you know when the site's back online.

#5 Results for IE 5.5 on Win2k

by rdc

Monday November 20th, 2000 4:36 PM

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I didn't post the results before since I was hoping to stimulate a discussion, but will go ahead and give the totals for IE 5.5 on Win2k.

Passed 1057, Failed 511, Skipped 1891, Total 3459

Comparing the totals is not that informative since a number of the tests are repeated for each of the test cases. For example IE's lack of support for DOMException, IE and Mozilla's problem with null strings vs. null values, Mozilla's problem with ownerDocument etc. The totals give a rough idea, but the true results are found by inspecting the test cases and individual API names for where each fails.

Tests can be skipped due to a lack of support for the feature or due to the test not being appropriate for the context. For example, testing NamedNodeMap against a Comment's attributes property. Inspecting the individual tests should make it clear as to why a test was skipped.

The basic idea was to provide developers with a means of testing the browsers and not to provide a review or comparitive summary. I felt that was better left to others... like the readers of mozillaZine! ;)