Netscape 6 Released

Tuesday November 14th, 2000

Netscape 6 has been released. You can download the installer here.

#216 re: Netscape 6.0 Performance on Linux and Windows

by pixelfreak <>

Sunday November 19th, 2000 2:36 PM

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bruce, i think you have totaly missed mike's question.

the windows and linux version of netscape 6 *both* use XUL to generate it's user interface. this means that each platform should see an equal performance hit vs the previous native UI in netscape 4.x for that platform. mike is asking why this performance hit seems to be more dramatic in windows than linux. perhaps this is a video card driver issue, or that some of gecko/xul code optimizes better using the current linux build environment?

on a totaly diffrent topic, yes, xul does come at a cost, but i feel the advantages overshadow the additional rendering time.

internet explorer for windows is based on a completely diffrent code base that ie for each platform. this means that, as a web developer, i have to not only detect which browser and version my page is being displayed on, but what operating system as well. in fact, the mac and windows version differ so much in features, bugs and standards support - you might as well think of them as diffrent browsers all together.

example: try opening a new window of 788x459 using javascript on ie versions 4-5.5 on the mac and pc. the windows version will open to exactly that size, but each mac version [4, 5 and 5.5] will return a *diffrent sized window*. there are other issues, such as plugin detection, standards support and propriatary vb script functionality that require diffrent code and html tags for each platform...even when displayd with the same version [5.0 mac vs 5.0 win, etc] of internet explorer! and let's not forget, ie doesn't even exist for linux. again, this is because the code base of ie on each platform is completely diffrent.

technologies such as XPCOM and XUL were designed to make mozilla as platform independent as possible. this means that the browser functions almost identicaly between each platform and is also easier to port. what does this mean to you? a better user experience since web developers don't have to create spagetti code [or even worse, to stick to the 'lowest common denominator'] when developing contet. these are 'ground breaking' technologies. netscape started from scratch. comparing netscape 6 [which is really mozilla 0.9] to internet explorer 5.5 is like comparing windows 3.0 to windows 2000, except ns6 is just a 'bit more sluggish' than ie in comparison. gee, that's quite an accomplishment in my book. if a almost pre-relase version of a browser compairs that well to a 5th generation browser that only has to run on one platform, and has microsoft's vast engineering and financial resources, imagine what version 6.5 will be like?