Netscape 6 Released

Tuesday November 14th, 2000

Netscape 6 has been released. You can download the installer here.

#189 Here we go again...

by bjensen <>

Saturday November 18th, 2000 12:26 PM

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Performance, appearance, *and* ease of use *are* the issues if you expect the GP to switch from IE and use it!!!!!


I'm insulted! :) I've installed and used NS6 on three different platforms (all separate partitions on the same PC):

1. A ROMIIse modified Win98SE 2. Windows Hellenium, excuse me, Millenium. 3. Windows 2000 Pro SP1.

In short... it does not run well. In fact it doesn't run too well at all.

I'm not bashing here at all... I'm driving home some facts that a few don't seem to get and that is:

"Regardless of how standards compliant a particular web browser may be... it won't mean diddly to web developers unless a significant majority of the web are actually using that browser"

Does anyone *get it* yet???


PS. Does anyone know how to set up the mail so it leaves the messages on the server in NS6? I'm testing around with the mail but I don't want my final mail deleivered there. TIA