Netscape 6 Released

Tuesday November 14th, 2000

Netscape 6 has been released. You can download the installer here.

#182 What a fantastic place this has turned out to be .

by danielhill <>

Saturday November 18th, 2000 5:32 AM

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We have 2 groups slinging FUD between each other. The "Net$cape is crap, slow and unusable" group (consisting mainly of bjensen), and the "Micro$oft are evil, if you disagree with me you're an MS employee and muat be hung tomorrow morning" group (Mike_Cornall mainly).

Neither of them have spoken a word of truth. bjensen's claims of Netscape being unusable are just bullshite. I'm using NS6 perfectly. A lot of cynical people at my workplace installed NS6 and were pleasently surprised. Maybe Mr Jensen's machine is faulty. Because it works for most other people.

And Mike_Cornall's drivel about Microsoft's secret conspiracy theory is quite simply a joke. HELLO, MCFly!! You know WHY MS is so dominant?? BECAUSE THERE IS SO MUCH SOFTWARE FOR WINDOWS!!! Obviously if MS was as evil as you say, there'd be no third party software. Third party software is one of Windows' advantage over rivals.

And most of the claims about secret API's have been proven to be bollocks in front of a Senate committee.

This bashing achieved diddly squat. Don't like Netscape/Mozilla? Help improve it. Love Mozilla? Don't make yourself look like a tool by spewing lies. Help make it better, and show other people. They may be surprised like my co-workers were.