Netscape 6 Released

Tuesday November 14th, 2000

Netscape 6 has been released. You can download the installer here.

#174 Re: Re: MIke Cornall

by jmarranz <>

Friday November 17th, 2000 9:41 AM

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Please bjensen, read:


Performance is a issue, but it ISN'T the principal issue!

Beautiful is a issue, but it ISN'T the principal issue!

Easy use is a issue, but it ISN'T the principal issue!

Windows 98 is a bulldozer OS and you use it, because enterprises develop applications more EASY than on UNIX

Wordperfect 5.1 is more quick and less memory consumer, but you probably use MS Word because is more EASY and BEAUTIFUL.

UNIX had features many years ago (multiuser, windows, TCP-IP networking, daemons) that Windows implements today as the last news. Meanwhile you probably used the terrific and buggly Windows 3.1 because it was more EASY to use and configure.

UNIX has a very standard API (programs can be recompiled with minor changes) many years ago, but enterprises developed to Windows because applications are more BEAUTIFUL.

X-Windows is more flexible than MS-Windows,but a S.O. very dependent to the hardware is more quick, more PERFORMANCE.

OK BUT TODAY the MOST PRINCIPAL issue is if the technology is STANDARD AND OPEN

Microsoft has **destroyed** the most part of desktop related enterprises and programs, because to PROPIETARY, MONOPOLISTIC AND CLOSED technology doesn't permit to construct programs better than the propietary of the technology.

Internet related technologies are the almost the only opportunity to establish open, standardized, no propietary technologies to avoid the MSIE brutal dominance of the computer software industry.

By example: Java is a fat and slow technology, recreating the wheel, it hasn't the powerfull templates of C++,many Java features of Java can be developed easily with C++ (Garbagge Collect by ex.), but many enterprises develop server side Java services and applets, because itīs more STANDARD and more OPEN than Microsoft related technologies. And it works.

If Mozilla/NS6 fails, it **must** fail due lack standard support, because it doesn't work (very buggly), but not due aesthetical and performance reasons (chips double its speed in a few years).

If fails, the Web and the computer industry will be a controled farm of Microsoft.

If it works we must stay it OPEN and STANDARD.