Netscape 6 Released

Tuesday November 14th, 2000

Netscape 6 has been released. You can download the installer here.

#162 Re: ATTN: RVR- your last statement regard MSN Expl

by Ugg

Thursday November 16th, 2000 8:40 PM

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You don't seem to understand, Bruce.

The developers have repeatedly stated that without the XUL and various XP measures, there would probably only be a Windows version and that's it.

For Windows users, this isn't a problem.. but to say that it's okay if a product like this is Windows-only is so painfully arrogant and selfish that I'm not even going to address it.

So, imagine it from my point of view, and pretend that the XP measures hadn't been taken. Guess what happens?


I expect you'll shut up and think about this for a while, if you know what's good for you.