Netscape 6 Released

Tuesday November 14th, 2000

Netscape 6 has been released. You can download the installer here.

#149 Umm... yea

by Tanaaln <>

Thursday November 16th, 2000 9:03 AM

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Well, it is interesting that one person is making most of the criticisms of netscape 6 while claiming that only a few are having good experiences. I have had a few problems with 6, but not anything more severe than with any other program. (I'm using win98 w/a PP200.) In fact, I've been using it for the past hour or so with several windows open and no problems yet. Also, I haven't had problems with the theme park, and am actually using skypilot right now. (It is my favorite so far) It does take a little bit longer to load than I would like, but then again I'm used to programs taking about 30 seconds to come up (publisher, draw, etc.) Once it is running, opening a new window takes about 1/2 second. Also, I've heard a lot of complaining from one person about the UI. What exactly is wrong with it? People aren't quite as stupid as you think they are. File means File, Edit means Edit, etc. Just because the color is different doesn't mean a person can't make the connection that "hey, that is probably the same type of thing that was in the other browser I was using." Maybe my computer is fast (although I don't think a 3+ year old 200 is all that speedy), but the UI is quick and responsive. If I didn't know how it is done, I would just think it looked cooler than my other programs. Anyway, hope ya'll have a nice morning... it's around 15 degrees here and I'm going skiing tomorrow! Woohoo! :)