Netscape 6 Released

Tuesday November 14th, 2000

Netscape 6 has been released. You can download the installer here.

#145 My turn to repeat...

by bjensen <>

Thursday November 16th, 2000 4:22 AM

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Sice so many has felt the need to repost the same thing... ithought it would be rather amusing if I did the same... :}

Well I went ahead and decided to download NS 6 final and give her a spin myself despite all of the criticisms. In short... I cannot believe it. After almost 3 years this is the garbage that has been produced? HOW THE HELL COULD ANYBODY IN THEIR RIGHT MIND RELEASE SUCH A PIECE OF CRAP????? I\'m running from NS6 as I type this... it loads slow, has the flakiest look and feel I\'ve yet seen (except for some third rate Linux app), and just flat out functions like crap. (Before any XUL fanatics out there spew any gas... I switched to the \'classic\' skin right away (still looks and feels like bird crap hanging from a wire)). Gee folks, forgive my harsh tone but I am rather pissed off at the moment. There was a time when I was quite the NS advocate... and anti-IE/M$ drone. Those days have been over for a while now ever since it was realized that the fate/design of the new Netscape/Mozilla lied in the hands of some college kids and their religious grip on XUL! There is so much that is *wrong* with this thing that I\'m going to end up making a lengthy web page outlining and categorizing every item from initial installation to actually closing the browser window. Party is over folks... this release has marked an epidimic of laughter across the country... including Europe and Russia. Adios. -Bruce