Netscape 6 Released

Tuesday November 14th, 2000

Netscape 6 has been released. You can download the installer here.

#139 ATTN: RVR- your last statement regard MSN Explorer

by bjensen <>

Thursday November 16th, 2000 3:05 AM

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That's not entirely correct... you can develop an application that boasts a native UI for each platform.

It has been done on both the Windows and Mac platform no problemo. The primary target should have been Windows... then Mac... then 'whatever'.

Now we are speaking of linux... big deal. Apps in Linux have for the most part cheesy UI's to begin with so to ignore such a *massive* market because of Linux is ridiculous. Even the 'native' implementation of Netscape on the Linux platform was a complete joke... not to mention a major eyesore.

Sure... the linux crowd will come to the rescue and say 'but wait a minute'. Well, the fact is that there is no minute to wait for.

Focus on the primary markets first... Windows, then Mac... everything else comes next.

This whole whole thing on XP has mainly resolved around Linux/Unix.

To me Linux/Unix is a server-side OS that serves it's function quite well... a client OS it is not... although some may use it as such.

My current, and both of my prior ISP's used Linux as their server oriented OS and they performed quite well. As a client OS? Forget it.

It is a very *sad* shame that the vast majority of Windows/Mac users have had to settle with what's been dished to them resently, so the small faction of Linux users can experience this XUL based UI... which really doesn't have any sort of significant impact over any other major Linux application. In my opinion, tThey all behave/interact in a tacky way.

My experience with RedHat6, for example, is that *all* of the apps that I have tried are, well, cheesy in UI function and interaction. KDE/Gnome is about as close as it gets to setting any sort of professional style standard... and even those are way off.

So basically, Windows Users and Mac Users have had to pay dearly as to what could have could have been because well, oh boy, some linux folks had to read a high end CSS/DOM web page within their half-functioning browser... known as NS6.

A *big* lesson to be learned folks in terms of making a come back in the dominating Windows/Mac markets.