Netscape 6 Released

Tuesday November 14th, 2000

Netscape 6 has been released. You can download the installer here.

#127 Re: the UI issue again...

by bjensen <>

Wednesday November 15th, 2000 5:56 PM

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Hi RvR,

I do understand the difficulties in creating cross-browser sites for both IE and NS4... and I do understand the need for a universal standards compliance among all web clients so the web developer can concentrate on the work at hand rather dealing with all of the what ifs of the different browser makes and models.

FYI... I'm downloading MSN Explorer as we speak so I can give her a spin, too. I'm curious as to Microsofts approach to UI design and effeciency in the case relative to the NS/Moz XUL implementation.

You may not believe this but I was quite the anti-IE zealot. To the extent that I spent months writing a program that would completely remove IE from Windows 98... it was called, ironically, Revenge of Mozilla and it became quite successfull.

Time went on though and Netscape was lagging big time while IE kept improving... especially with IE 5.01 which is when I finally made the switch. :-o

I visited Mozillazine and saw they they had decided for a XP UI mechanism called XUL... I immediately objected and tried every trick (sometimes devious) in the book to keep them from doing such a thing. The result was a 364 thread in mozillazine that ended up going absolutely nowhere.

I tried the nightly builds from around M12 or so on... and was always disappointed as to what I ended up looking at. In short, the XUL style UI just was not working for me. I\'m used to a fast responsive UI.

This release of NS6 has just confirmed what I have already always new... that XUL is *not* it.

Ideally, NS should have kept the native and unique UI that so many had come to love and merely redone the engine with maybe a few add-on features here and there. The transition from a NS4 to NS6 would have been a snap and people would still have their beloved base UI.

With NS6 is what a what I would call an unbeliveable release. Despite the platform I installed it to (Win98/WinME/Win2K) there were consistent problems ranging all the way from installation, to actually browsing, to even closing the browser window. Not good in my book for a final release... in fact,, that\'s why I\'m so adamant regarding some of my posts regarding the release of NS6.

Anyways, I\'ll let you know about my experience with MSN Explorer. :)