Netscape 6 Released

Tuesday November 14th, 2000

Netscape 6 has been released. You can download the installer here.

#124 Re: Re: I'm getting annoyed with those that suppor

by bjensen <>

Wednesday November 15th, 2000 4:28 PM

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Give it a rest... NS6 is a *joke* release and a major disappointment.

Not much else can be said beyond that.

Just *a few* folks here thing it's find and dandy and I know enough to know that they are:

1. A few cans short of a six pack


2. Just supporting the Mozilla cause.

No rational human being with the least bit of intelligence with no ties to Mozillazine would consider NS6 anything other than a wasted download.


PS. Win2K's UI is *nothing* like that of Mozilla/NS6 and you should know better. Such a comparison is lame at best.