Full Article Attached What Netscape Needs to Succeed

Monday October 26th, 1998

This week's editorial touches on four possible strategies Netscape could use to recover lost ground. I believe it is possible, but it won't happen without some serious introspection. Click Full Article to read more.

Update: Some of my opinion has come to fruition today, as you will see when you read the article...

#17 Re:What Netscape Needs to Succeed

by George <>

Wednesday October 28th, 1998 6:40 PM

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If M$ loses the case, one thing is for sure...

M$ will be forced to bundle Communicator with every copy of Windows, giving people the choice of IE or NC.

Microsoft will not see the point to keep making IE, when Communicator does just as good as job and is open source!! What's the point to spend money to develop IE when M$ has to bundle Communicator and it does just as good as job?

any one else think this is what will happen?