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Monday October 26th, 1998

This week's editorial touches on four possible strategies Netscape could use to recover lost ground. I believe it is possible, but it won't happen without some serious introspection. Click Full Article to read more.

Update: Some of my opinion has come to fruition today, as you will see when you read the article...

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by MozillaZine Admin <>

Wednesday October 28th, 1998 3:40 PM

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Imagine this as a TV advert for the "newly revamped Netcenter":

A soft wind is heard blowing through fall trees. The camera is panning left over some beautiful fall foliage... pans down onto a sharply dressed gentleman sitting in front of a quaint Italian cafe. He's sitting, sipping coffee, looking at his laptop.

Voiceover (in Italian w/subtitles): "I love my laptop. I love computers, the Internet...but Oh, I hate...what do you call it?... (In spoken, accented English now):sys-tem gray."

Cut to his laptop's screen... his browser's chrome has been tastefully customized and looks like it could have sprung from a Renaissance painting. His "My Netscape" screen looks like the fall scene he is participating in. The camera cuts to different views of the screen as he works, then cuts to a shot looking over his shoulder at the screen, and pans up to the tress as the voiceover says:

"Netscape Communicator Five and the new Netscape Netcenter. The most _sophisticated_ browser money can't buy. Download it free now, at <>"


This would be one of a series of spots that focused on different aspects of the Communicator 5.0 release. Others would focus on standards compliance, speed, etc.