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Monday October 26th, 1998

This week's editorial touches on four possible strategies Netscape could use to recover lost ground. I believe it is possible, but it won't happen without some serious introspection. Click Full Article to read more.

Update: Some of my opinion has come to fruition today, as you will see when you read the article...

#15 What Netscape Really Needs to Succeed

by tumbleweed <>

Wednesday October 28th, 1998 3:20 PM

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Navigator not having incremental reflow and an all-encompassing document object model (whether it was the official DOM spec or not was not my point) in version 4.0 was almost unforgivable. It's not like noone knew what MS was up to with their v4.0 browser. That's the one good thing about all the preannouncing that MS does - you generally know some of what they're up to. And implementing crappy CSS1 support was a *really* bad move. I can see not implementing something, or not completely implementing something, but implementing it that badly is Not Good (tm)! Not that IE 4.0's CSS is perfect (far from it), but it's not anywhere near as bad as Navigator 4's.

It's a 'vision' thing. Netscape had it in the early days, but lost it until the Open Source (tm) decision. And I could make a pretty good argument they still have major problems (witness version 4.5 of Communicator).