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Monday October 26th, 1998

This week's editorial touches on four possible strategies Netscape could use to recover lost ground. I believe it is possible, but it won't happen without some serious introspection. Click Full Article to read more.

Update: Some of my opinion has come to fruition today, as you will see when you read the article...

#13 Re:What Netscape Needs to Succeed

by Henrik <>

Wednesday October 28th, 1998 2:55 PM

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your ideas are all good, but ...

1. I dont't know how much effect a new color would do, but that could be my lack of marketing knowlegde so nevermind

2.the idea of letting netscape store a complete image and script library used by netcenter locally, is a good idea if implemented properly and that is userselectable and openly avalible to other sites.(so we don't look like M$)

A danish ISP has actually done this a long time ago, they bundled their Connection with a CD containing alle the static stuff, and let use select on the website wether the CD is in the drive.

3.The idea of concentrating on linux is a good idea, but we should watch out that we in that effort does not forget the windows platform as it is there the userbase is (at least the newbie userbase). A better idea as arielb stated is to catch the windows programmers, and perhaps make it easy to extend mozilla in java, 'cos i think many hobby-developers will use java, and that is whats being tought (at least at my school) when we are to learn OO programming

What netscape needs the most is standard compliance and as upto date on that point as posible.

When i wrote in a danish NG about netscape 4.5 and told all about the wonderful new features, the main responses was:

1. They doesn't write anything about what they updated on the html and css front.all the fancy stuff doesn't matter

2. does it handle multiple pop3 account in one userprofile yet ??

cheers from denmark henrik