NGLayout Engine To Be In Communicator 5.0

Monday October 26th, 1998

NGLayout will be the layout engine for Communicator 5.0. Expect the news to appear on the site soon.

#16 Re:NGLayout Engine To Be In Communicator 5.0

by Niels Larsen <>

Thursday October 29th, 1998 2:09 PM

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Well if someone other than me think a GTK based Netscape Web-desktop sounds right .. could someone who has Netscapes ear please try to discuss it with them. I can imagine a decent list of arguments why, but other can probably make an even better one. It should make lots of sense for Netscape businesswise. Since its a pretty obvious thought, is it already underway? are we going to see free Intel/Netscape/Redhat desktops? Btw, instead of fighting over "free software" or "open-source", how about "public software"? Few non-computer consumers associate anything with "-source", and its bad to have a name that few understands. With "public software" most think of PBS and other good public resources.