NGLayout Engine To Be In Communicator 5.0

Monday October 26th, 1998

NGLayout will be the layout engine for Communicator 5.0. Expect the news to appear on the site soon.

#1 Re:NGLayout Engine To Be In Communicator 5.0

by HoserHead <>

Monday October 26th, 1998 8:04 PM

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(This response is hinged on the hope that this is true) Let me say that I didn't see this coming a mile away. Must suck to be someone who was working long and hard on Mariner; I suppose, however, that this will pay off in the long run - I've observed NGLayout to be about an order of magnitude faster than Communicator 4.x, and apparently it's going to support nifty things like web standards. ;) I'd love to contribute to Mozilla; maybe I will soon, but right now I'm a very, _very_ happy (advanced) end-user.