Chameleon News

Thursday October 26th, 2000

The Chameleon Mozilla Theme Builder is making steady progress. A new "border" function outlines all of the elements on a toolbar for easy selection. Also, you can now change the hover, hover:active, and disabled states of all of the elements. You can see the new features at the Chameleon screenshots page, and you can download the latest builds from their installation page.

#2 Rocks. :)

by leafdigital

Friday October 27th, 2000 7:10 AM

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It looks fantastic, but unfortunately changing bitmaps doesn't seem to work yet, or did I miss it?

Even in this early version I am able to get rid of the stupid "arrow" thing at the left of the toolbar... but I can't get it to save the theme properly, so I can't apply it properly. Still this is a 0.2 version so it's not bad at all.

So as soon as they have a working version, and one that also supports the personalbar and menubar, I can finally eradicate those stupid, useless 'collapse toolbar' handles. Without needing to learn how to code the CSS (ok, I know CSS, but I mean, specific to Mozilla's themes) or XUL or whatever. Yay :)