Chameleon News

Thursday October 26th, 2000

The Chameleon Mozilla Theme Builder is making steady progress. A new "border" function outlines all of the elements on a toolbar for easy selection. Also, you can now change the hover, hover:active, and disabled states of all of the elements. You can see the new features at the Chameleon screenshots page, and you can download the latest builds from their installation page.

#10 Re: What happened to Chromezone?

by markpeak

Monday October 30th, 2000 5:41 AM

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My theme (Navigator 3) is no longer working with M18. and I haven't developped it anymore. Cause I'm making 'Lopburi Flat' theme to submit Netscape6 contest and now making Lopburi Flat compatable with M18. (Can find it in x.t.o). If you wanna use Navigator3 UI, please look for UltraClassic