Quick News

Friday October 20th, 2000

ZuperDee writes in: " now has some news that Roger B. Sidje will be giving a talk about MathML in Mozilla."

Eric Hodel has written a new sidebar panel that displays the links of the page as a clickable list. Check it out at his website

Asa wants to remind you, "Don't forget to check out the BuildBar and comments for the most up to date build status you can get without getting on IRC. Daily build status usually contains information on any new features, major bugs, major bug fixes and contribution highlights.."

Last but not least, Will Sargent pointed us to an experimental script that allows you to create a Mozilla sidebar panel for an RSS data source of your choice.

#1 Buildbar comments

by leafdigital

Friday October 20th, 2000 4:32 AM

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It's good and useful, I use it all the time, but some things I think could be improved.

1. The buildbar is not critical enough. "Good" (thumbs-up) should mean "if you are using Mozilla as your standard browser, you are okay to update to today's build". This is definitely NOT the case if, for example, PSM doesn't install with a build so that you can't even use it to access secure sites!

I'm not sure what "good" means at the moment, perhaps "this build will start up and is not completely broken"? I don't think that should get a thumbs-up on its own.

2. The "pep talk" comments are tiresome, although there haven't been any of these in the past days. "Get it, bang on it, file bugs" - that's the kind of thing I'm talking about. My response to that is "fuck off! I just want to download the software! Sure I'll file bugs if I find any, but some of us have other things to do!" I don't like being included in some kind of cheesy pep-talk just because I want to stay current with my desktop browser.