DOM Level 1 Compatibility Checker

Thursday October 19th, 2000

Miloslav Nic writes in: "Jiri Znamenacek officially announced availability of his excellent DOM1 reference. Examples provided with the reference also contain javascript calls to the relevant functions of DOM1 in your browser and its comparison with expected output. A very nice compatibility checker. According to Jiri Mozilla came out best in this comparison."

#3 Whitespace should stay

by MPocock <>

Monday October 23rd, 2000 4:48 AM

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The whitespace issue depends upon whether the documents is validated or not. In the case of no validation, all white-space should be kept. This is because there is no way to know if an element contains text as a child.

Once a document is validated against a DTD or a schema, then we can decide which whitespace is there as content, and which is prety-printing stuff as the document structure tells us what children each element should have. At this point, the DOM should not contain any extraneous text nodes.

Does this make sence?