DOM Level 1 Compatibility Checker

Thursday October 19th, 2000

Miloslav Nic writes in: "Jiri Znamenacek officially announced availability of his excellent DOM1 reference. Examples provided with the reference also contain javascript calls to the relevant functions of DOM1 in your browser and its comparison with expected output. A very nice compatibility checker. According to Jiri Mozilla came out best in this comparison."

#2 Re: Wierd test suite

by nicmila <>

Monday October 23rd, 2000 12:52 AM

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This prolem is a bit more involved. Standard says: An XML processor must always pass all characters in a document that are not markup through to the application. A special attribute named xml:space may be attached to an element to signal an intention that in that element, white space should be preserved by applications.

So Mozilla does it in a standard way. But I agree that it would be much more convenient (and also standard) remove non-significant whitespaces.

Maybe it would be a good idea to look at XML canonization: <> (only a working draft at this moment) and use from it everything which does not impose too large processing penalty