M18 Now Available!

Thursday October 12th, 2000

Milestone M18 has just hit the FTP site - get it while it's hot. If you've been checking out the trunk builds, you're already ahead of the curve - the trunk builds are looking really good recently. Now if they can just get the performance of the Personal Security Manager up to snuff, Mozilla will be something I can use for all my browsing.

The M18 release builds are available here. Versions for Linux, Mac, Windows, and OpenVMS are available. Also, there is a Windows MathML/SVG/XSLT build available and a MathML/SVG build available for Linux; I'm not sure what other files you'll need to install to get XSLT working, though (if any).

#47 back button workaround

by darklite

Wednesday October 18th, 2000 5:24 PM

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there is a work around to this (if its the bug I think it is).. but you sort of have to remember what you're doing

if you go to the "Go" menu item.. the history of everyplace you went will be stored there..

here's an example (i'm using the 1013 build): 1) point your browser to pricewatch <> 2) click on one of the hardware categories (eg; Processors - PC) 3) click on a subcategory (eg; Pentium III Xeon) 4) now go to the "Go" menu item 5) the top items are your most recent clicks.. the lower the less recent it is 6) say you want to go back to the hardware category listing.. click on the third line down.. that should bring you back to the hw listing 7) to go to the CPU listing again, click on the line above the checkmark

like I said.. its a bit tedius, but frames aren't entirely broken in Mozilla.

but I agree.. this needs to be fixed before its released. I can't imagine someone switching from IE to NS6 with a bug like this..