M18 Now Available!

Thursday October 12th, 2000

Milestone M18 has just hit the FTP site - get it while it's hot. If you've been checking out the trunk builds, you're already ahead of the curve - the trunk builds are looking really good recently. Now if they can just get the performance of the Personal Security Manager up to snuff, Mozilla will be something I can use for all my browsing.

The M18 release builds are available here. Versions for Linux, Mac, Windows, and OpenVMS are available. Also, there is a Windows MathML/SVG/XSLT build available and a MathML/SVG build available for Linux; I'm not sure what other files you'll need to install to get XSLT working, though (if any).

#17 Impressive resource demands

by CosmicDreams <>

Friday October 13th, 2000 7:50 AM

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I\'ve been keeping a close eye on the amount of memory that mozilla uses in the daily builds (off and on). M18 is using on average 17-18 MB of Ram. This is good because the last build I tried (about a week ago) started with a need for 22-23 MB of ram and went even higher upon visiting a few sites. I\'ve had mozilla demand over 35 MB of Ram before. I\'m also impressed that mozilla keeps it\'s demand for Ram around 17-18 MB of ram instead of ever increasing It\'s demand when you visit other pages.

I understand that people are targetting mozilla for 32 MB embedded devices. I hope that we can eventually halve the current 17-18 MB demand to 8-9 MB of Ram, because then we can be on par with IE for Memory usage. Let\'s face it people if mozilla was more of a memory hog than IE why should a use with under 32 MB of Ram install Big Mo instead of little IE.