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Wednesday October 11th, 2000

Henrik Lynggaard writes, " is now up and running. Currently there is a link to the program and a couple of M17 localizations (Bosnian, Croatian, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Portugese, Swedish and Welsh).

"The idea behind is to create a central place for all localizations of most XUL based products. In the next weeks there will come online some nice features for the translators, so please register if you are a translator. And also if you have a mozilla based product (HELLO forumzilla!).

"Of course the link is:"

#8 Re: Re: I don't get it

by FrodoB

Friday October 13th, 2000 10:19 AM

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Much more precisely, your native language (as mine) is American English, since most other English speakers in the world use the spelling "localisation" (although with the same pronunciation). :) (I'm still trying to figure out how Lieutenant is pronounced Leftenant in Britain's Navy. :) )