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Wednesday October 11th, 2000

Henrik Lynggaard writes, " is now up and running. Currently there is a link to the program and a couple of M17 localizations (Bosnian, Croatian, German, Japanese, Norwegian, Portugese, Swedish and Welsh).

"The idea behind is to create a central place for all localizations of most XUL based products. In the next weeks there will come online some nice features for the translators, so please register if you are a translator. And also if you have a mozilla based product (HELLO forumzilla!).

"Of course the link is:"

#1 Spelling error

by Azrael

Wednesday October 11th, 2000 8:45 AM

\'plan\' spelt incorrectly. Not meant as a moan, just useful info...

oes that make me a translator now? :)

#2 Re: Spelling error

by Azrael

Wednesday October 11th, 2000 8:47 AM

*kicks a _D_ up ^^^ there-ish*


#3 I don't get it

by lmake

Wednesday October 11th, 2000 5:24 PM

What is this? What are Translators? What are localisations?

If this is just a place where XUL products can be retrieved then isn't it the same as

#4 Re: I don\\\'t get it

by hpgjg

Wednesday October 11th, 2000 5:39 PM

Have you ever heard of other languages than English? :)

#5 Re: I don't get it

by gerbilpower

Wednesday October 11th, 2000 5:46 PM

Mozilla supports localization packets that makes it easier to convert Mozilla, or a Mozilla-based product, for use into another language.

This isn't the same as, since mozDEV is for Mozilla-based projects, this helps Mozilla-based projects get converted to other languages outside English.

Localization is just a reference to the language in one's local area. Mine's is, obviously, English, but for someone else it may be German, Japanese, Spanish, etc.


#6 Re: Re: I don't get it

by lmake

Wednesday October 11th, 2000 7:10 PM

OK thank you. That is all I wanted to know.

That wasn't really explained very well on the site. So hpgjg can bite me :)

#7 Re: Re: Re: I don't get it

by Silverthorn

Thursday October 12th, 2000 6:06 AM

And one other thing that you may or may not know. Generally when any kind of program might want to be translated eventually, any readable text stuff is stripped out of the program itself.

In this case it is put into those XUL packet things you can download from the site. Then the program just references that for everything like the menus and preferences, dialog boxes etc.

And to go on a tangent, mozilla and the related products seem a bit more flexible for localization. I know most programs have a fixed size limit for text depending on how it is layed out, but even the preferences seem to be able to be resized...

#8 Re: Re: I don't get it

by FrodoB

Friday October 13th, 2000 10:19 AM

Much more precisely, your native language (as mine) is American English, since most other English speakers in the world use the spelling "localisation" (although with the same pronunciation). :) (I'm still trying to figure out how Lieutenant is pronounced Leftenant in Britain's Navy. :) )

#9 Thanx

by Lynggaard

Tuesday October 17th, 2000 5:35 PM

I just wanna say thanx for all the attention this newspost has generated. It is nice to see so many people visit my pages, and I also like the browser stats that it generated (ns back at 70%)

I hope many of you will come back when the m18 xpi\'s starts comming in.

cheers from denmark henrik

btw. Mozillatranslator 4.31 (the program) has been released and xpi generation is now back online