Netscape 6 PR3 Available

Tuesday October 3rd, 2000

Netscape has made PR3 available from their website. PR3 is currently only available in the English version, according to the options given on the site.

#97 one last go at it

by davebo

Monday October 9th, 2000 11:32 AM

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I'll answer your 2 points, in a roundabout manner.

1) the "buy more memory" problem. If you work at a company which is the only one in town (or in the world) selling a program, or a program with a very specialized userbase, and a user complains that the program runs too slow on a low memory machine, then you're completely justified in saying "buy more memory" and moving on to more interesting things. If the customer doesn't like it, well, they don't have a choice. I've worked around a product like that - and big oil companies don't even flinch when you say "you'll need 256 MB RAM to run this application," because it's that or nothing.

With Mozilla, though, that's not the case. There is another browser available (well, more than one, but we'll just worry about IE for now) which DOES work on low memory machines, AND works quite well, AND for the same low price (again, I'll ignore the loss of your soul.) If Mozilla doesn't work on low memory machines (and there are a lot out there), their owners will use IE and it will work well. And when, 5 years down the line, they buy another machine, they'll use IE on it, too, 'cause that's what they're used to.

2) "my own ignorance & lack of motivation with fixing the problem." So, you're right - I don't know how to code, so I'm not going to fix bugs. And guess what? I don't care enough about Mozilla to drop everything else that I'm doing, stop hanging out with friends/family/gardening/reading/working on my dissertation, learn good C++ coding techniques & plunge in to the code.

As far as filing bugs - a number of people have given me constructive suggestions on how to file bugs beyond "it takes too much memory." They were helpful, and I'll give them a whirl the next time I start Mozilla up.

You, on the other hand, spew forth the classic "you just complain and don't do anything to fix them and won't get involved so piss off." If I didn't want to get involved at all, I wouldn't have even bothered to post my initial message.

I was going to write a longer reponse - but some friends have come by & we're going to lunch. I'll just say that your attitude makes me want to be LESS involved and makes me care LESS about what happens to Mozilla. And later, I won't complain when Mozilla doesn't run on my machine - I'll just use IE.