Netscape 6 PR3 Available

Tuesday October 3rd, 2000

Netscape has made PR3 available from their website. PR3 is currently only available in the English version, according to the options given on the site.

#95 Re: Re: Of course, but....

by Martyr

Monday October 9th, 2000 1:31 AM

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Your arguments are flawed on several fronts. 1) If customers bought it and it ran slow, the official word would be (as you stereotype developer response now) "buy more memory", or they would simply state that it requires a certain amount of memory. As somebody who works in a development company, those requests are called ENHANCEMENTS, which means they are put on the back burner, and usually reserved for future upgrades, IF dealt with at all. Catching memory leaks is not a high priority among any developers. Be glad you have such a direct route to them now, rather than going to the help desk (which may bury it) which feeds it to customer support (which may bury it) which feeds it to the developers (who may bury it), and of course the adminisphere could always axe any user request whatsoever. 2) You've already admitted your own ignorance and lack of motivation as concerned to fixing the problem. Again, I'm sorry -- people who complain and then admit they haven't exerted any effort to fix the problems WHEN they have the ability to do so don't merit much sympathy. People who don't bother to look for answers to solutions don't merit much sympathy either. It's so easy to complain, but it takes motivation to actually do something. So my point is this: we don't have the layers of administration you have in a real company. You have the chance to get involved, but you refuse. Your choice, just don't complain won't get much sympathy then, either. (Reminds me of the people who complain about local government but never lift a finger to effect its change. The parallels are striking).