Netscape 6 PR3 Available

Tuesday October 3rd, 2000

Netscape has made PR3 available from their website. PR3 is currently only available in the English version, according to the options given on the site.

#73 Too slow on my machine

by avisdurgan

Friday October 6th, 2000 2:02 PM

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I tried to run it on my ol\\\' Pentium 90 Mhz with 32 MB RAM. And it\\\'s actually *slower* than Netscape 4.x! Even navigating the \\\"File, Edit, ...\\\" menus takes ages!

The browser has to become *faster* than NS4.x to make it IMO - I always thought it would be. Oh, well, we can probably expect that when NS6 final is released. I also hope that scrolling the window of mail messages becomes much faster. I mean, it looks like the browser updates a web page for each time I scroll this window! It really doesn\\\'t make sense to me.